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Refresh Your Skin with Our Face Clean Up!

 Daily pollution, tanning, and stress harm your skin. Treat your face weekly with our tailored face clean up services. Enjoy a deep cleansing scrub and a nourishing massage to remove impurities and rejuvenate your skin. Visit our salon to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and glowing. Book your appointment today for a radiant complexion!frf

Enhance Your Skin with a Facial

A facial adds the ‘value’ in ‘face value’! It’s not just about pampering yourself; a professional facial deep cleans, hydrates, and relieves acne. It also improves blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow.

At Hyderabad salon, our facial options cater to all skin types. We use Premium  products rich in minerals and nutrients to reduce wrinkles and remove dead skin, giving your skin a youthful appearance. Ingredients like black mud, fruit acids, vitamins, enzymes, gold, and antioxidants make our facials special.

Experience the benefits of a facial and give your skin the care it deserves! Visit us today!

facials in Hyderabad salon
De-tan packs at Hyderabad salon

De-Tan Packs

De-tanning at Hyderabad Salon is effective yet gentle on your skin. Facial bleaching quickly de-tans and brightens your complexion.

Our skincare professionals use techniques that ensure your skin’s texture remains undamaged. Experience a fairer, fresher, and flawless look with our face bleaching service.

De-tan your face and look as fresh as ever at Hyderabad Salon! Visit us today!

Facial Mask Treatments

A facial mask is a beauty and cleansing treatment designed to tackle specific problems for each skin type. It deep-cleans, nourishes, and brightens your skin, while also healing acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

At our salon, our face masks are crafted with ingredients suited to your skin type. Choose from a variety of face mask options.

Our facial mask treatments will revitalize your skin, leaving you refreshed! Visit us today!

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